Steve Collins: A Celebration of Life!

Come join us on Saturday July 27th to take place at The LGBT Center, room 301: 208 w 13th st. NYC.


  • Guests arrive by 5.45pm
  • Ceremony will start at 6.15pm

Please make a reservation in this link:

If you can’t make it here is a link to a live stream:

Steve Collins has been very important to all of us. Specially to me. I’m his husband Alex Salinas and I put together this website to honor his memory. We’ll have pictures and videos of fun times. There’ll be a section where friends and family can leave their memories as well.

For Steve
A friend died this morning in his sleep.
We knew it was coming but hoped it would not.
His smile and easy laugh were what came to mind not his illness, treatments, pain, and palliative care.
What if somewhere our bodies are somehow kept. intact like long-dead steadfast explosive stars?
Who’s to Know for sure where we go beyond
this movie palace we create in time and space.
Might there be a realm we slip into after death
-not heaven, Eden, not paradise but a place where we still have some chance to chime?
Joan Lauri Poole

Robert Stephen Collins (Steve) was born in Paris Texas in 1954. He was raised in the town of Pittsburg, TX (about 2 hours from Dallas). His was a large family, four brothers and two sisters. He had an average childhood in small town USA. He’s family run a franchise of the Piggy Wiggle that built lots of memories. But when he was old enough to leave he did.

He travelled to the city that never sleeps and made a home there. He had the type of personality that charmed people and made lots of long lasting friendships either from work, his singing lessons with Joyce Hope Suskind, his support group or neighbors. He loved everything broadway and a memory and extraordinary ear for recognition that rivals modern computers.

He was also a kitty lover. In every important moment in his life there was a faithful feline companion. He would call Smokey his soulmate. He was also at the core a romantic, always longing for love and companionship. in 2016 he met Alex and establish a relationship that only grew stronger during the lockdown and the pandemic. Finally, on October 2021 they decided to get marry in the paintoresque town of Saugerties NY. In a very small ceremony conducted by his long-time friend Jeddah. unfortunately after only two years Steve was diagnosed with a lymphoma a cancerous tumor that ultimate spread in different parts of his body. He fought long and hard doing everything that the doctors recommended until they themselves could not find a solution and sent him to home hospice care. On the very early morning of April 3rd his soul left his body. He, however, wasn’t alone his loving husband Alex stay next to him until his last breath. Steve was loved until the very end 🖤.